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ink colors

Standard Plastisol Ink colors - Stock Colors

Standard White Ink

Good standard White ink has some texture, but never a heavy thick feel.  Best on light and color shirts or if it is on an athletic t-shirt, less ink means less sweat.

Printed in 1 layer 

Crisp Bright White Ink

"Double UP"  We print a layer of white ink, flash dry the ink and print a second layer of white ink for an Crisp White Ink, perfect dark or solid black shirts for high contract.

Printed in 2 layers

Reduced White Ink

Vintage washed look! Using reduced white ink is best when you want an extremely soft or distressed print. Ideal on Triblend #6010 t-shirt for a vintage look and feel

Printed in 1 layer



Add some Shine by including Foil in your Design. 

+$2.00 PER PRINT


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+$0.50 PER PRINT


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+$0.50 PER PRINT

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