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High Quality Screen Printing

1. Our art team prepares the artwork and separates each color into 

Standard Plastisol Ink

We print using a Premium Plastisol ink for BOLD colors and Durable print that will last after many washes.

Print from 1 - 5 color designs with bright bold colors. These colors will have a white underlay print on dark color shirts to ensure the colors are vivid and true to color. 

2 color print - Printed on Bella Canvas #3001 Premium Tee

Distress Effect

Add some texture for a vintage worn look.  A Distress texture is added to the design for a washed and worn look on the final product.  We recommend printing a single layer print for the ultimate vintage t-shirt design. 

Try the Distress Feature in our Online Design Studio

Ask out team about adding Distress Texture to  your design!

5 color Screen Print

We can print amazing things with 5 colors. We currently run two 6 color M&R auto presses that have a 5 color max for multicolor prints. 5 colors + 1 flash head.  Here is an example of a multi color screen printed design on a black crew neck.

5 color print :

1. White Under base 

2. Soft Pink

3. Pale Yellow

4. Golden Yellow

5. Forest Green 

Printed On :  Bella Canvas Sponge Fleece  #3901

 Incorporating the t-shirt color in the design!

For a soft feel, incorporate the t-shirt color in the design. For this design we did not print black, instead we used the t-shirt for the black and only printed white and grey. It produces a very soft feel with a more natural look. Our goal is for the print and the t-shirt to combine into a final product. We strive to ensure the design DOES NOT look like a sticker slapped on the t-shirt.  Instead of printing ON the fabric, we print ink IN the fabric.

Printed On: Next Level Apparel #6210 Tee

Choose the Right T-shirt Color! 

Same Design - Color Scheme

Need some color in your life?  We can print the same design on different color shirts and in different color schemes. 

1. Different T-shirt Colors - Mix and match t-shirt colors all with the same design and ink

2. Print the same design in Different INk Colors - Minimum 18 qty per color scheme.  Ink switch fee $10 per color switch

Printed On: Next Level Apparel #6210 Tee

Complete the Collection - Mix & Match